Trends On Twitter As Platform’s New Name Draws Comparison With Adult Video Site


Twitter’s choice to rebrand itself as “X” has sparked mockery due to its resemblance to the adult video streaming site ‘Xvideos.’ Elon Musk, the owner of the site, joined in the humor, making jokes about potential alterations to other elements of the platform’s branding, including the term “tweets” and Twitter Blue.


The term ‘Xvideos’ has gained significant traction on Twitter following Elon Musk’s revelation of the social media platform’s new brand identity. Users have humorously noted that, technically, Twitter videos could now be referred to as “X videos.”

Even the adult streaming site ‘Xvideos’ acknowledged this trend on its Twitter account and expressed gratitude to Musk for it.

While Musk has not officially commented on the potential branding implications, he didn’t refrain from making jokes about renaming other elements on the platform. When questioned about the new name for Twitter Blue, Musk playfully responded with, “Balls. Just … Balls.”

Musk also hinted at the possibility of the term “tweets” being replaced by “X’s” after the completion of the rebranding process.

In a surprising move over the weekend, Musk announced that Twitter would abandon its iconic bird logo and undergo a rebranding, adopting the simple name “X,” matching the platform’s parent company, X Corp. This transition started with the website redirecting to Twitter’s homepage on Sunday. By Monday, the familiar blue bird logo disappeared, replaced by a stylized white X logo against a black background on Twitter’s homepage and official account. While some accounts like @verified reflected this change, others, including Twitter support and the “about us” page, still retained the old branding at the time of publishing. Musk’s longstanding vision for “X” involves transforming Twitter into an all-encompassing “everything app.”


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