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MYM: How can you earn money quickly by using your photos?


You’re part of a small group or want to take beautiful pictures of yourself “sexy”. You are able to earn money quickly through MyM !

When the first social media they were easy to familiar with because the world of influencers were not yet in existence as the market wasn’t none competition Now everyone is starting to get involved in social media. Twitch and Youtube provide the best examples. 95 percent users on Twitch don’t exceed five typical viewers ! For five years, the ones who break through are those who have been made known through reality TV.

However, today we’re going to talk about MYM and the ways it’s you can earn up to a hundred euro every month using this platform. We’ll explain MYM as well as how to set up the account and start earning advertisements for free.

Why Mym and not Instagram?

The purpose of MYM is quite simple that you can post anything you’d like (even videos and photos ranging from -18) however for no one to see what you post, you must be a subscriber. The cost depends on the content you are offering. It starts at at 5 euros with discounts all the way the price to EUR49.99. Creators on MYM request on average 10-15 EUR per month for the cost of their subscription.

You must be aware that you can post anything even if you’re an athlete or professional coach and you want to post your daily sports activities in the event that you have a group of people who is following you on other social media. The best type of content is Adult content. If you have an large and active group of at least 1,000 Instagram or Twitter followers Know that you have the potential to earn a few hundred euros ( on average you can earn 250 EUR for each 1,000 active users). The objective is to advertise your MYM through its networks as well as the greater your engagement in MYM (several posts each the day) the more likely you are to be prominently featured on the site.

Mym is paid through subscriptions from your users, and will can be reversed between 75 percent and 90% of your income (depends on whether it’s a subscription or private media or a tip). This allows you to improve the quality of the site and to manage payment providers, should you’d like to learn more about:

  • What is the commission MYM accept?

If you’re looking to learn more about information provided by MYM directly:

If you’re interested in creating your MyM account, now is the time to start creating your MyM account at no cost. After your account has been created you are able to leave a comment to receive free publicity on one of our the Instagram profiles belonging to our community ( 75,000 subscribers) and start your first subscription !

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