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How to Use FreedomGPT


What is FreedomGPT AI and how you can use it without the Internet or compromising your privacy?

Now more than ever, having a reliable chatbot on your computer is becoming increasingly essential. Imagine having one that not only offers offline use but unlimited use as well! FreedomGPT is an innovative offline chatbot which delivers anonymous and secure experiences without restrictions or limitations imposed upon it. In this article, we’ll dive deeper into FreedomGPT and help you understand its capabilities so you can download, install, and take full advantage of this incredible AI tool.

What is FreedomGPT: Private, Fast and Offline

FreedomGPT can be seen as an AI chatbot similar to ChatGPT that was developed to give users offline chat access. While most AI chatbots only operate online, FreedomGPT takes an alternate approach by installing its desktop application onto your PC and taking advantage of a robust chatbot at any time, even without internet connectivity. Like ChatGPT’s online version, FreedomGPT provides unlimited requests, eliminating issues related to limitless requests and overflow that often arise with online-only bots.

How to Download and Install FreedomGPT?

FreedomGPT AI is available for download on both PCs and Macs; though a mobile version hasn’t yet been made available. Here are the simple steps involved in downloading and installing FreedomGPT AI on your computer:


  1. Navigating to FreedomGPT’s Official Site: To gain access to their download pages, visit FreedomGPT’s official FreedomGPT site.


  1. Select Your Operating System Click either “Download for Windows” or “Download for Mac”, depending on which operating system you’re running.


  1. Enter Your Email to Download Enter your email address and click the Download button to complete.


  1. Start Download Once you click the download button and enter your email address, the download process will begin. Windows users will see an executable (.exe) file begin downloading while Mac users will get an image of the disk (.dmg).


  1. Install FreedomGPT Once your download has been completed, find and open your FreedomGPT file to install. Follow the installation instructions by providing any required permissions; when installing on Windows you will see “Age of AI, LLC” listed as the publisher.

How to Use FreedomGPT?

Once the FreedomGPT desktop app is fully installed and running on your PC, the next step should be downloading all of its data files for offline mode use of chatbots such as FreedomGPT. Take these steps for optimal results:

  1. Launch the FreedomGPT App: Launch your FreedomGPT app by opening it up on your PC.


  1. Choose an AI Model: Within the app, there is a wide range of AI models to select from, such as ALPACA 7B FAST, ALPACA 7B FULL and LLAMA 7B FAST/LLAMA 7B FULL. Click “Download” on any model you prefer – for faster responses, ALPACA 7B FAST may provide superior responses; I found ALPACA 7B FULL to be slightly slower.


  1. Once you click “Download”, wait several minutes before beginning to download your file.
  2. When it comes time for downloads, wait several minutes after clicking the link before commencing your download process.


  1. Get Ready to Asking Questions: Once the download has been completed, you can press the “Select” button to select your chosen model and open up FreedomGPT’s interface, whereby you can begin asking questions or engaging in chat conversations using FreedomGPT’s chatbot.


  1. Model Switching: FreedomGPT provides an option to toggle between several models in its desktop application’s upper-right corner, giving you full control of your chatbot experience by giving you options of switching models as necessary. Whether speed or comprehensive responses and responses matter most for you, FreedomGPT allows for you to be in complete control with its AI models!


Furthermore, FreedomGPT features an intuitive and friendly UI similar to ChatGPT, making using and navigating FreedomGPT easier. The user-friendly design helps facilitate smooth transitions while giving you swift access to its power as an offline chatbot.


FreedomGPT provides an ideal solution for those who desire a private and offline chatbot experience. Boasting cutting-edge AI models with unlimited requests and the option to access offline services, FreedomGPT provides comfort and flexibility rarely found elsewhere online. Following these easy steps, it’s simple to download, install, and begin using FreedomGPT on both PCs and Macs.

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