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Devlog Rebuild Update for October 13-2022 by LAGS126

HaileysAdventure @LAGSWorld2019 Update, New Skin –

Starting this update we will start to implement the new skin and its features for Super Hailey (80% of Level 17 Worm Nest (30%) & Level 18 Magma Burnt Caves(Po… Continue Reading for Old Build Fun…

Adventure Platformer Game. Note: Mac users with “Big Sur” or “Catalina” installed may not be able to play this game due to Gatekeeper not permitting this app from opening, and currently there is no workaround… Continue Reading Rebuilding (Latest) by LAGS

Rebuilt Version:- As its title indicates, I’m revamping some aspects of the game like scripts, backgrounds and gameplay elements. A fifth skin called Bikini makes enemies 25% slower and weaker; holding egg spawn until… Continue Reading
What to expect in Update 0.3(Obsolete) | September 10, 2021 by LAGS 19

Update 0.3 Plans and Gameplay Plans are TBA. ***

Input will be changed for easier gameplay; Teleportation device available for purchase through Level Shop; Annie will enjoy more fun when she… Continue Reading

What Will be in Update 0.2alitat April 29 2021 by LAGS

16 Update 0.2 Plans:- Release Date:-10th Sep 2021*** Gameplay:- The gameplay won’t differ too significantly other than adding features such as teleportation system, stomp and rope attack to player’s arsenal of moves…

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