Amazon’s Fandom Connection: Building Stronger Bonds with Enthusiastic Fans

How Amazon Connects With Fans Through the Power of Fandom

In a panel named “Embrace the Power of Fandom to Connect Content and Commerce,” Alexys Coronel, Head of U.S. Entertainment and Telecommunications at Amazon Ads, discussed with Andrew Wallenstein, President and Chief Media Analyst of Variety Intelligence Platform, about how brands can connect with fans. The conversation also touched on the relevance of this connection to Prime Video’s transition to an ad-supported service.

“Once you capture a fan’s interest, they now look to you to continue to drive that connection,” Coronel explained to the crowd.

Coronel pointed to the absence of toy sales in the 2018 blockbuster “Jurassic World” franchise to highlight her perspective. Despite a substantial box office debut, there were no toy sales in the initial two weeks of the film’s release. She attributed this to two primary reasons: firstly, the unpreparedness of the toys owing to planning challenges, and secondly, the absence of coordinated marketing endeavors. She emphasized that, since then, they have placed a higher priority on fostering collaboration across all marketing initiatives.

“Anyone involved in the production of product or content related to a specific brand, character, or franchise is invited to the table for a collective discussion,” she remarked.

Drawing insights from a recent survey by Harris Insights & Analytics, Coronel noted that fans typically engage with an average of 10 franchises, while family fans, incorporating the interests of multiple family members, engage with an average of 12 franchises. She emphasized the rewarding nature of customers for the brands and fandoms they cherish.

Shifting the focus to the news of Prime Video transitioning to an ad-supported service, Coronel disclosed Amazon’s expectation to provide 115 million unique viewers to their U.S. advertiser community.

“Unless you opt out, you will start enjoying what we believe will be very compelling ad experiences within Prime Video,” she asserted. As an illustration, viewers of Prime Video’s Thursday Night Football can anticipate tailored messages based on their customer segment, such as retention messages for current subscribers, win-back messages for recent losses, and exploratory branding offerings for those not yet engaged.

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